Return to In-Person Learning

Information for In-Person Learners:

Visitor Access and Student Item Drop off:

Please note that visitor access to all FCPS school buildings is limited.   As some students return to school in the building we ask:

  • The building will open at 7:10 AM
  • On time arrival for students is no later than 7:25 AM. Classes begins at 7:30 AM
  • Please call the main office (703-690-5500) if you need to drop a student off late or pick them up early
  • All students will have access to FREE breakfast and lunch each day, including items to accommodate dietary restrictions.  Please do not drop off lunches, water bottles, or snacks
  • Music teachers understand when students forget their instruments.  Please do not drop off forgotten instruments, as we cannot guarantee it will get to the students' class

Attendance Reporting:

  • Students are expected to attend in-person on their assigned days
  • If a student must attend virtually on an in-person day, a parent/guardian will be asked to verify that the student is attending online.
  • To report a change in attendance (i.e. appointment, sick, etc.), please contact South County Middle School through the Attendance Process:
  • Absence/Tardy Phone Line: 703-690-5555
  • Absence/Tardy Email: @email  
  • Report an Absence Online

School Supplies to bring for Students Returning to In-Person Learning

Please make sure to bring the following supplies to school each day for in-person learning:

  • Fully charged laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Binders/organization structure
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Lunch (if not taking the free one)
  • Headphones

Return to School Timeline – In-Person Students

Students with last names L-Z will attend in-person on Thursdays and Fridays

  • L-Z 7th Grade students start on Thursday, March 11th

On the days that students are not attending in-person, they will attend school virtually as they have for the first part of the school year. 

Students that arrive to school on unassigned days will not be able to enter classrooms due to social distancing requirements.  Those students will be in the main office and will need to be picked up immediately by a parent/ guardian.