October 23, 2018

South County Middle School students will be attending their Finance Park trip on Monday, November 12th, through Thursday, November 15th.  If you could volunteer on the day that your child will be attending, we would greatly appreciate it.

The total time commitment is 5 hours (8am – 1pm), including a 1-hour training the morning of your scheduled volunteer day. You will use your training knowledge to guide students through different phases of the day, which simulate real-world budgeting decisions, spending research, and bill payment. As you guide students through the digital simulation, you’ll share your own life experiences and help them walk a day in your shoes. You bring the program to life.

Volunteers who do not complete the Registration ahead of time will be required to do so when they arrive at Finance Park.  Also, please be sure to bring a government issued ID.

Here's the link to register!

Thanks so much!