Student Services

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Mission Statement

The mission of the South County Middle School student services department is to promote the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. As advocates for our students, school counselors support the mission of FCPS and SCMS and provide a comprehensive counseling program, which empowers students to maximize their academic achievement. Moreover, in collaboration with other educators, families and community members, we foster a safe, inclusive and supportive environment in which all students have equal access to a rigorous curriculum and are inspired to become life-long learners and ethically responsible citizens.

Student Services Counselors

  • Ms. Brodie (Orange & Platinum Teams)@email 703-690-5607

  • Ms. Johnson (Red & Green Teams):  @email 703-690-5608

  • Mr. Harris (Purple & Pink Teams) 703-690-5605

  • Mr. Spingler (Blue & Yellow Teams):  @email 703-690-5604

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