New Student Registration

Information for students who want to register at SCMS.

Registrations for the 2017-2018 School Year

To register a student for the 2018-19 school year, please contact Sherri Perper by email at

Students who are not new to FCPS

If this is not a student's first year in FCPS and the student has not moved from the elementary school that feeds into South County Middle School, they do not need to register. They are already registered within the system. If a student is already an FCPS student but has moved, the parent or guardian should contact Sherri Perper, our Student Registrar by email at,to assure that the school records are properly transferred.  

Students who are new to FCPS

For students new to FCPS, before beginning the registration process, please view the FCPS boundary map to see which Fairfax County Public School serves a particular address. 

If you live within the South County Middle School boundary map and are ready to register a new student, please contact Sherri Perper, our Student Registrar at to complete the registration process.

What a new student to FCPS will need to register:

  • View the general FCPS registration requirements

    • The registration process includes:

      • eligibility for enrollment

      • residency requirements

      • registration requirements

    • The Entrance requirements include: (If any documentation is missing, the appointment will be rescheduled)

      • Proof of residency: A current, fully-executed lease (signed by both the landlord/management company and tenant) or deed/closing documents to the home is required. If you are sharing a residence, you must complete and have notarized two FCPS residency affidavit forms and provide the necessary documentation at registration. Please make sure you have all documentation completed before your appointment. Affidavit forms may be obtained at the school.

      • Original birth certificate: If a birth certificate is not available, the FCPS affidavit with substantiating documentation is required

      • School records: (an informal copy is acceptable). We will request official records from your child’s previous school after the registration is completed. You can request to have the student’s former school mail (8700 Laurel Crest Dr., Lorton, VA 22079) or fax the records to us at 703-690-5697, but they must arrive prior to the registration appointment, otherwise the appointment will be rescheduled.

      • Special Education Records: such as IEP, if applicable. Please inform the registrar if your child has an IEP when you call for an appointment.

      • Immunization Records: (including Tdap booster) To ensure the vaccinations are in compliance with Virginia’s requirements, click here to review against your medical records. The student cannot be enrolled unless vaccinations are in compliance.

  • Download the registration forms needed to register a new student in FCPS

Military family registration 

To help make your transition easier, Department of Defense (DOD) employees from each branch of service provide a School Liaison Officer or a point of contact. School Liaison Officers are the primary point of contact for school-related matters and assist military families with school issues.

Translation Services

Registration requirements documents and translations are available on this page in English, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. For recorded information about registration, please call 703-204-6795. 


Please contact Ms. Perper ( as soon as your plans to relocate are known in order to initiate the withdrawal process paperwork and preparation of documents. Withdrawals are a two-day process; please plan accordingly.

A withdrawal form will be provided which must be signed by a parent. Once the signed form is submitted to Ms. Perper, the student will be instructed on how to complete the withdrawal process. Please make sure that all textbooks, library materials, musical instruments, etc. are returned. Withdrawals are not complete until unpaid obligations are satisfied.

Any request for records must be in writing and will take a minimum of five (5) business days.

Address Updates

To update your home address, you must do the following:

  • Complete the Student Information Update form (copies are available in the Student Services Office or may be sent to the parent electronically).

  • Provide proof of residency by submitting a current, fully-executed lease or deed/closing documents.

FCPS Guidelines for Proof of Residency – Parents must notify their child’s school when their home address changes and provide proof of their new residence. If families move out of Fairfax County, children are no longer eligible to attend Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and will be withdrawn. If the family is living in the residence of a friend or relative, the homeowner/leaseholder must provide the notarized FCPS affidavit accompanied by the lease or deed. Another FCPS affidavit by the parent stating his/her residence and three official supporting documents to that effect is also required.

Additional Information

Should you have any questions regarding registering your student, please contact Sherri Perper, our Student Registrar by email at