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SCMS Vision

The Mustang Community strives to empower honorable, empathetic, resilient and dedicated learners.

We are one HERD

SCMS Mission


We cultivate honorable students by:

  • Valuing students’ academic integrity, social responsibility, and dignity
  • Reinforcing their positive choices, actions and words 
  • Encouraging students to proudly represent their self, family and community even when no one is watching


We will develop empathetic individuals and create a culture of belonging by:

  • Providing opportunities to understand different perspectives and be appreciative of our differences
  • Modeling active and reflective listening
  • Encouraging reflection that helps create a community of inclusion


We will build resilient learners by:

  • Equipping them to embrace the challenge of learning
  • Fostering a growth mindset where it is safe for students to make mistakes and grow from them, in and outside of the classroom
  • Encouraging students to discover and refine their strengths (and leadership skills) in all areas - academic, social, emotional, and beyond


We empower students to be dedicated to succeed by:

  • Valuing the learning journey with rigorous instruction and focusing on student improvement
  • Partnering with students as they set goals to succeed by being active participants in the classroom and school community
  • Encouraging students to be ready with a plan to meet their goals and to commit to their best efforts at all times

FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities

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